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Dark Soul and VIP Stress + OG PS3 Modder!

VIP Stress v1.6

Out 2.12.19

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  • {C#}How To Code Your Own VPN Client!
  • {C#}How to Code Your Own Stresser Panel!
  • {Centos}How to Setup DDoS API PHP!
  • Projects & Free Shit!

    Side projects I have written or am writing:

  • WallPaper Engine Cracked!: for Moving Desktop Backgrounds!
  • Furious MW2 RTM Tool Source!!
  • Project Deformation v1
  • Instagrab v3
  • XM Sniffer Coded By Myself!
  • Dark Soul Logger!
  • Multi RTM (BF4/BFH/TEW/NFS/etc...)
  • Cracked Menus and Shit!
  • Released Sources
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